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Akva Waterbed Conditioner

Long Life Akva Waterbed Conditioner is an effective agent against bacterial formation that keeps the water in the mattress clean. Just add the conditioner to your waterbed mattress once a year and the conditioners' special properties look after the rest. That's 380ml /12oz of conditioner fluid not 236ml or 8oz like most other conditioners.

Manufactured by AKVA waterbeds in Denmark (they make probably the best waterbeds in Europe) and their mattress warranty requires the annual addition of this conditioner. AKVA require AKVA Long life conditioner to be used for their 5 year warranty, any other conditioner such as Blue Magic is not acceptable. Just because AKVA mattresses are the best and require the best quality conditioner don't let your other make mattresses suffer with inferior conditioner, AKVA waterbed conditioner will also work 100% with Sterling mattresses, Aqua Star mattresses, British Waterbed Company mattresses and in fact I can't think of any normal fibre layered waterbed mattresses manufacturer that wouldn't be happy with you putting AKVA water bed conditioner into their mattress and if it could talk your mattress would thank you as well.

This product is new, straight from the factory, in 380ml (12oz) bottles and will be sent via 2nd class post. If you require a proof of purchase for your mattress warranty purposes please let me know when you PayPal. 380ml is sufficient for up to a 6' x 7' motionless mattresses for 1 year whole year (watch out for those 4oz bottles that require you to repeat every 8-12 months).

n.b. To clear up some misinformation...
1. Every European manufacturer either recommends a 12 month conditioner or doesn't care. Akva only supply Akva Long Life 12 month conditioner in 380ml bottles.
2. Waterbed conditioner tablets are NOT recommended for normal fibre layered waterbed mattresses (99% of all European mattresses are this type) Tablets are preferred for the American tube style mattresses where the mattress is split into many long tubes (very few of these are sold in the UK) and for water pillows. Conditioner fluid is the recommendation for 'normal' European waterbeds.
Akva Waterbed Conditioner - Water bed conditioner for Akva mattresses

When you spend over 1,250 on a quality waterbed why put unbranded conditioner into it and risk you bed. Buy the best, buy AKVA. AKVA products can only be provided by authorised AKVA distributors and retailers.

Visit our on-line shop to buy a bottle now.

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