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Soft-Sided Waterbeds

Akva Waterbeds

Akva Waterbeds were established in Denmark in 1981 and are now Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of waterbeds; a position the company has achieved by consistently investing in knowledge, quality and dependability in all areas. This is why Akva has its own development department and exercises total technological control throughout production - development, design, production and sales.

Swansea Waterbeds and South Wales Waterbeds are the only suppliers in South Wales of Akva beds, which are the finest quality waterbeds in Europe.

Our Akva Soft-sided Waterbed Range

British Soft-sided & Framed Waterbeds

Manufactured for us in the UK, we supply entry level, family and luxury waterbeds.

We also carry a range of frame beds where a soft-sided waterbed mattress sits inside a traditional wooden frame or inside a leather surround and for these we will use either an Instant Waterbed which gives us a 48 hour delivery option or a suitable AKVA or BWC soft waterbed, so that you can be 100% sure of the quality.

Our UK & Framed Soft-sided Waterbed Range


Nearly all of the waterbeds across our range are available with built-in storage units in the base section. The drawer units are always set back from the head of the bed to allow for your own installation of bedside cabinets and are designed to maximise on available space in the plinth section of the waterbed. Some of the heat generated from the waterbed heater even transfers down into the drawers and has the effect of creating mini airing cupboards for your linen.

Dual System waterbeds have two separate mattresses and heaters with a soft centre divider, (ripple deflecting thermal insulator), inserted between the two, and are available for some of our waterbeds. The main benefits are: Minimal disturbance by your partner entering or leaving the bed: Separate heating controls allow you to set temperatures according to individual preference: Different motion mattresses can be used on each side.


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