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AKVA Conditioner Waterbed Conditioner

Twelve months' waterbed conditioner formulated for lasting protection against algae growth and odours in an 11oz (380ml) bottle, Be careful of bargain 4oz/100ml bottles, make sure you get a bottle with enough conditioner to last even a superking size mattress for a whole year. (more info,,,,)

Just add the conditioner to your waterbed mattress once a year and the conditioners' special properties look after the rest. Use the best and treat your mattress to Akva conditioner.

Cost per bottle 9.99 + 2.01 UK postage



Vinyl Cleaner

Cleans and conditions the outside of your waterbed mattress. It keeps your mattress supple and prevents the vinyl drying, cracking and oxidating. Vinyl cleaner make may vary from that pictured but will be an 8oz+ spray bottle.

Cost per bottle  12.00 including UK postage

Vinyl Cleaner


Air Extractor Air Extractor

Screw on the waterbed air extractor at the mattress valve and begin pumping. The air is then sucked out of your mattress, allowing a perfect nights' sleep. Easy to use with any waterbed mattress. Extractor make may vary from that pictured.

Cost per extractor 12.00 including UK postage



Repair Kit

Repair kit, comes with a tube of vinyl glue and a vinyl patch. The kit is suitable for repairing pin prick holes in a waterbed mattress.

Cost per repair kit 5.00 including UK postage

Repair Kit


Maintenance Pack Maintenance Pack

Includes waterbed conditioner, vinyl cleaner, air extractor, and repair kit, (all as shown above). Plus a hose connector suitable for connecting a standard garden hose to your mattress to self-fill.

Cost per pack 37.50 including UK postage



Water Pillow

The Mediflow waterbase pillow provides better quality sleep and relief from neck pain and headache for more than a million people world wide.

Simply fill up the inner water pouch from a tap, pop on a pillow case, (standard UK size 20" x 28" or Kingsize 20" x 36"), and place on your bed. (more details on the water pillow)

Cost per pillow including UK postage.
Standard size pillow 59.95

Water Pillow
Standard 59.95


Sheet Colours Fitted Sheets

We have a selection of sheets and pillow cases for most sizes and makes of Waterbed. We can supply a sheet to match most bedroom colour schemes. Sheets are 60% cotton 40% Polyester

Cost per Sheet:
4'6" x 6'6" 38.95 including UK postage
5'0" x 6'6" 39.95 including UK postage
6'0" x 6'6" 42.95 including UK postage


size 4'6" x 6'6"


size 5'0" x 6'6"


size 6'0" x 6'6"


Sheet Colours

Make sure you select the correct size option and sheet type from the buttons on the right. The Colours show above are pictures of the actual materials and the colours to the left are a guide to the colours names. However on-line images are not as good at accurate colour representation as a printed brochure would be.

Sheets are Supplied for both soft-sided waterbeds and hard-side waterbeds.
For soft-sided select the colour with S/S after it for hard-sided sheets select the colour with H/S shown after it. if you require a special size please telephone the shop. These sheets are made to order so take 10-14 working days for delivery

Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets

Made from the finest Egyptian cotton Percale (400 Threads per square inch) these sheets are simply exquisite to the touch, for the ultimate in quality for your softsided waterbed. The fitted sheets allow up to a mattress depth of 28cm.(11") so no problems with corners coming out. (If you wish to have pillow cases to match then please telephone us)).

Cost per sheet:
5'0" x 6'6" 44.45 including UK postage
6'0" x 6'6" 49.95 including UK postage

Sorry we are Out of Stock of Capuccino & Ivory

Egyptian Cotton Sheets


size 5'0" x 6'6"


size 6'0" x 6'6"

Waterbed Heater Waterbed Heaters

This is an ideal replacement heater as the alloy heating surface allows it to be installed just 3" (7.5cm) from the edge of the bed. Slide the ceramic heater under the mattress and safety liner and unlike the long floppy heaters there is no need to empty and refill the mattress. Suitable for both Soft and Hard sided waterbeds

Electronically controlled. Low magnetic field. Adjustable thermostat, 26 - 32 degrees C. Meets strict European safety standards. Suitable for waterbeds with a minimum depth of 7" (17cm). 2 year manufacturers guarantee.

Cost per Heater 99.95 including UK postage



Black Basic Soft Side Waterbed

Only available as an on-line order this is our most simple yet perfectly good waterbed. A basic 5' x 6'6" soft side waterbed with a standard black pedestal (excluding the headboard shown) and semi-motionless mattress. The zip top cover is 40deg washable and the total height of the bed is 20"

We do not have these on display in the shop as we only supply these direct to the customers address for self fitting with a 2 year mattress warranty. These are ideal starter waterbeds or great for a spare room and parts are made in the UK so aren't cheap Chinese imports. You can telephone us for more details if required.

Cost per bed 1149.99 including Mainland UK courier delivery (excludes some N Scotland postcodes).

Black Basic Waterbed


Click for a pop-up larger image of the bed



Akva Baby Akva Baby Cot Waterbed Mattress

A small child can sleep on a water mattress in just the same way as it did inside its' mother. The soft and gentle movements from the water create security around the sleeping baby and this reminds the baby of its earliest sensory impressions.

The Akva Baby is non-allergic and easy to keep clean. The water mattress comes in three different sizes and so it is suitable for most cots and cradles and for children from 0 to 3. The zip top cover is washable at 95 and tumble dries.

Just put the baby cot waterbed mattress into your own cot and let them sleep. Available with Bolero top and in sizes 55x115cm, 60x120cm & 70x140cm. (more details on the Akva Baby)

From 345 including UK postage (n.b.excludes wooden cot - Average delivery time on this product is 4 weeks.)


Akva Baby

55x115cm - 345

60x120cm - 349

70x140cm - 379



Mattresses, Liners, Comfitectors

We can supply new waterbed mattresses, safety liners, zip top covers, and comfitectors for all makes of waterbed. In fact, if it goes on or in a waterbed, we can probably supply it. However with the complexity of choice and to make sure you get the correct product for your bed, please call us (01792 899110) or e-mail us sales@swanseawaterbeds.co.uk





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