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The Price

Surprisingly you will find they cost no more than a good quality standard divan bed. The construction of the simpler wooden frames often means a lower starting price than for the soft-siders. This is not a reflection on the quality, just a measure of the work needed to complete the frame, or the level of technology to reduce the motion.

With so many beds in our range and with each bed having many options (headboards, foot rails, dual mattress, draws etc.) and coming in many sizes we do not supply all our prices on-line. Accessory prices  will be available in our new 'On-Line' shop from mid 2005 but if you would like a quote for a bed please either telephone our showroom, or better yet pay us a visit in Swansea where you can not only see and try a large number of waterbeds but also our expert staff are available to answer all your questions.

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