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Hard-sided and Soft-sided Waterbeds

Akva Menuet - A Modern Hard-sided Waterbed Akva Delta - The lastest in Soft-sided Waterbed technology
Hard-sided, or 'frame' beds, are where the wooden frame constrains the mattress. Although hard-side waterbeds, the original type, have many advantages over conventional beds, they are certainly not easy to get into or out of for anyone with back or hip problems. 

The comfort and support both a soft-sider and a hard-sider give is similar; it is in the appearance and the ease of use where the main difference lies.

The hard-sided frame beds give style and substance to a bedroom and can blend in well with the existing decor. They can range from a simple yet functional 'box' construction, through many more stylish & ornate models, on to chunkier, beautiful and classic pine beds, via frames upholstered to match your decor, and all the way up to the more exotic leather, circular and four poster treats!

The soft-sided waterbed was developed in the mid nineteen seventies to overcome the problem of getting out of a hard-sider. The basic construction remains identical, in that the soft-sided waterbed has all the same features, such as a specially constructed base to spread the additional weight, a heater, a vinyl mattress generally filled with fibre to reduce the motion, and a waterproof liner to stop water escaping in the unlikely event of a leak.

The main difference is that a soft-sided bed uses a foam edge to support the water within. These are light enough to give easily when a person gets out of bed, but dense enough to last the lifetime of the bed. The top cover of the waterbed is removable, and is zipped on. This feature is one of the waterbed's nicest points, because it provides a hygienic sleeping environment. It's also wonderful for asthma sufferers, as it eliminates the breeding ground for the house dust mite, whose excreta is frequently the trigger for asthma attacks.

The trend in the waterbed industry is increasingly towards soft-siders, and at Swanse Waterbeds, we nearly always recommend them to anyone with any form of back problem.  Although a hard-sided water bed will help back problems in exactly the same way as a soft-sider, getting in and out can undo all the good created by a night's sleep. When people come in to try out our beds, they lie on just one bed, and say, 'I didn't think it would feel like this!'  Words can't describe just how comfortable they are, or how much they ease back pain and asthma, so come in and try one.

Waterbeds are available in King, Queen, Double and Single sizes with British, Continental or US dimensions. Most people find that a little motion is very relaxing, and we generally recommend a small degree of motion to back sufferers, as experience has taught us that some motion works better on a bad back. All soft-sided waterbeds sold by Swansea Waterbeds carry a five year guarantee on the heater and the mattress, and we try to ensures your total satisfaction with any bed you purchase from us. Most of our beds are sold by personal recommendation, as our customers are our best sales people!

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